Charlesfield Industrial Estate in the heart of the Scottish Borders is the ideal location. The new distillery will be sited on land at Charlesfield, St Boswells, near Melrose.

The Distillery will create new jobs and utilise their own renewable energy.

The proximity to the production areas of wheat and barley shortens the distance of travel for the raw materials, keeping haulage and carbon costs down, and the easy access to the trunk road network to the north and south allows the spirit access to markets not just in Scotland but in the rest of the UK.

The availability of space to create warehousing will allow cost effective maturation of the spirit on site for our own spirit and also allows customers to purchase product for storage and maturation at JDL.

The venture brings significant benefits to the local Scottish Borders economy by using local suppliers for grain, providing new employment opportunities, and it will do so with minimal impact on the environment through recycling production by-products such as spent lees (to be used in the adjacent AD plant, and for use as cattle feed to local farmers), and where possible recycling water used in the distillation process. The main supply of water for the distillery will come from a spring that will be bored on land which will form part of the distillery ground.