Quality Control

To ensure the distillery produces consistent high-quality spirits we will ensure all process from cereal purchasing to distillation follow a number of standards and controls.

All cereals will be only purchased from farms which are members of the Scottish Quality Cereals Association. This will ensure we have fully traceability on our key ingredients. Our process water comes from our bore hole perfectly situated under the mash house.

The complete distillery process is design to produce new make spirit in an efficient and constant way by using the latest technology in the mashing, fermentation and distillation areas.

Producing our products in an environmentally friendly way is also key. We will use green energy supplied by a local Anaerobic Digestion plant. By recycling excess heat from the processes, the Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) per litre of alcohol will be one of the lowest of any distillery in Scotland.

As with energy, water use will be carefully controlled to minimise how much we use.

To manage and control the production of spirit from field to cask we are aiming to implement a number of recognised management systems.

  • ISO 9001, Quality Management Standard
  • ISO14001, Environmental Quality Management
  • SALSA, Food Safety Standard
  • FEMAS, Quality System for the production of animal feed

All staff will be fully trained in any system we adopt within our company.