Our Products

As an independent, Jackson Distillery No.1 priority is to supply grain spirit to independent distilleries, so you do not need to worry about supply.

The primary product from the distillery will be a quality Scotch Grain Whisky perfect for use in Premium Blended Scotch Whiskies. The spirit will be produced using fully traceable Scottish grown barley and wheat.

A small volume of new make spirit will be laid down in a variety of high quality casks to produce a range of Single Grain brands.

The distillery will also produce a premium low methanol Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS) for use in all white spirit drinks. The GNS will also only use fully traceable Scottish cereals, ideal for the growing Scottish Gin market.

The Jackson Distillery is designed to have the capability to run campaigns of a variety of Scottish cereals.  This will enable us to offer spirit produced from rye, oats or other grains. We will also be certified to produce organic and kosher spirits.  As an independent, we can be flexible to produce what our customers demand.

The distillery will produce two by-products: distillers syrup and draff, both ideal for use as feedstock for Anaerobic digestion and as animal feed.