Welcome to Jackson Distillers. Based in the Scottish Borders, bringing a new take on single grain whisky sourced in the Scottish Borders.

The St Boswell’s Distillery, born out of Charlesfield Farm in the Scottish Borders, will be the first, and only Scottish Borders based producer of single grain whisky spirit and grain neutral spirit using 100% Scottish water and cereals of proven traceable origin.

The new 10m LPA grain distillery is uniquely well-positioned to take high-quality local cereals from the Tweed Valley and process them efficiently and cost-effectively with renewable energy into a high-quality spirit for both Grain Whisky and Grain Neutral Spirit.

Consumers of today and tomorrow expect and demand the products they buy to be produced in a sustainable manner, with minimum environmental impact and with traceable origin.

The distillery will meet the growing demand for Grain Whisky Spirit (for blending whisky) and Scottish Grain Neutral Spirit (for gin & vodka) using sustainable and efficient production practices.